Assessment grade scales

Attention has been brought to show that there has been some drift in the way simulator evaluation scores are being handed out by trainers, specifically, where crew have been disadvantaged. What is happening is that some trainers (Airbus fleet are the worst offenders) are using the old “straight four” method and deduct a point for a comment, but have shifted down one grade. Now, the norm is trending to straight three’s and deduct a point for comment, for a score of two.

The meaning of each grade should be clear and so the narrative comments should match the spirit of the grade. However, what is being seen, is a grade of two, which, supported by the comments, should clearly be a three. Therefore, if you get a two in a simulator evaluation, the trainer should tell you in what way your knowledge or technique was inadequate or inappropriate. If the performance was just a bit ragged and you did nothing wrong, it should be a three. If it is not, the score of two should be contested.